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Visit to Lanzhou University Hospital

Visit to Lanzhou University Hospital

In May 2016, Dr. Natashia and Dr. Paul were invited by the local representative of the Chinese Government in Gansu province to visit the Lanzhou University Hospital to give lectures on varies subjects and to perform an executive analysis of the current status and areas to be improved.

Lectures on “Basic Implantology”, “Implantology with the use of 3-D printing and immediate installment of fixed bridges”, Classification and treatment of periodontitis”, Bone-augmentation”, “Snoring and Sleep Apnea background and treatment”, and “Malocclusions: classification and treatment with special emphasis on the use of 3D programming”.

Visit to Lanzhou University Hospital2During their visit, working through the different departments, the doctors revealed several areas in which improvement could be accomplished with in some cases very low workload. At the other end, the Doctors we initializing several topics for Research and Development, and even discussed the way of securing the Intellectual Property Rights, for the benefit not only the hospital but also the individual itself. This was appreciated as the ideas were in very much alignment with the outline the Chine Government is trying to fulfill during the next years in the effort to be the number 1 country in research and development, and to this extent they need to invite foreign experts to help and to guide the Chinese people.

Dr. Liang in his position of Division Chief from the Foreign Affairs Division of Health and Family Planning expressed his sincere wishes that a long time relationship could be established, and that Dr. Natashia and Dr. Paul would be able to visit the Lanzhou University Hospital 2-3 time a year, on top of the intermediate contact via the internet; Mr. Vang who is the Chief of Human Resources in Lanzhou Health Bureau applauded.


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